Let's work together to teach your child new sleep skills so that EVERYONE in your family can sleep well!

I'm Jenasa!

I have personally been in your shoes and it led me to where I am today, a certified pediatric sleep consultant!

My second wild, cuddly, and sweet baby barely slept for the first year of his life. By the time he was one years old, he had taken over our king size bed, my husband was sleeping in a different room, the baby was nursing all night, and I was EXHAUSTED.. to the point where my body was breaking down and I was starting to get sick.

One very hard day, two of the closest people in my husband and I's life suggested hiring a sleep consultant. I read the reviews and thought, "If our son starts sleeping 11-12 hour a night by himself, that would be a miracle." And,  guess what? It was a miracle!

After a few nights of sleep training, our one year old baby was sleeping in his own room, in his own crib, all night without our assistance. AND, my husband and I started getting a full night of sleep in our own bed together!

Sleep training our son changed our lives and now I want to help transform other parent's and babies lives!

Here's How I Can Help

2 Week Sleep Support Package:
 Includes a detailed sleep plan based off of what you share with me about your child's sleep on a very thorough questionnaire I send you, 30 minute consultation call discussing sleep plan, coaching and encouragement through text, a wrap-up call where you can ask me anything, and an email sharing tips for sleep changes that will happen as your child develops!

14 Week Motherhood Support:
This package is for mama's who are ready for a transformation! More sleep, more energy, more self-care, and better health!!

The 14 Week Mom Support package includes:

✨2 weeks of working with me to improve your lil ones sleep (4 months+)! Let’s get your little one AND you sleeping better!

✨12 weeks of working with Kaline, a Women’s Health Coach and Pelvic Floor Specialist. Check your hormones, begin supporting hormones with proper nutrition, begin implementing a exercise routine, strengthen your pelvic floor and more!


Life changing! Jenasa was so responsive and supportive in this process which at first seemed so daunting. Our plan was personalized to our family and Jenasa provided reassurance and cheerleading when it was needed and had exactly the right guidance to offer at every turn. After just a few weeks our baby is now sleeping through the night--every night!--and napping independently. Our bedtime routine takes less than 10 minutes and we are feeling like ourselves again with even more love to give our sweet babe. Worth every last penny!

-Allison, Mom of a 4.5 month old

Jenasa is amazing! She helped me during a time in my child’s life where I had lost hope I would ever sleep again because he was such a bad sleeper. Within the first week of following her advice, I noticed such a huge improvement in his sleep patterns. It’s been about 3 weeks now and I couldn’t be happier with the progress we’ve made! He’s gone from waking up multiple times every night and taking 45 minutes-2 hours+ each time to get him back to sleep, to him waking up once per night and going back down with little help from me or my husband within 10-20 minutes. I have such high hopes that soon he’ll be sleeping completely through the night! I owe all of this progress to Jenasa- she has been instrumental in improving my child’s sleeping and therefore, my mental health! Can’t recommend her enough!!

- Kylie, Mom of a 10 Month Old