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Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Meet Jenasa

Hi Friend, I am super excited you are here! My prayer is to help you experience a miracle in your home like I did!I will share my story in a second, but first I would like to share who I am with you.

I am a wife, stay at home Mom, and now certified pediatric sleep consultant. I have my bachelor's in Health Science and have spent many years working with children, whether it was working at a daycare, babysitting, or doing home visits where I played games with children and gave assistance to their parent's. I even became a certified assistant teacher many moons ago in high school. I guess you could say I have always been passionate about working with kids.

The Reason I Became a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

I have personally been in your shoes and it led me to where I am today, a certified pediatric sleep consultant!

My second wild, cuddly, and sweet baby barely slept for the first year of his life. By the time he was one, he had taken over our king size bed, my husband was sleeping in a different room, the baby was nursing all night, and I was EXHAUSTED.. to the point where my body was breaking down and I was starting to get sick.

One very hard day, two of the closest people in my husband's and my life suggested hiring a sleep consultant. I read the reviews and thought, "If our son starts sleeping 11-12 hour a night by himself, that would be a miracle." And, guess what? It was a miracle!

After a few nights of sleep training, our one year old baby was sleeping in his own room, in his own crib, all night without our assistance. AND, my husband and I started getting a full night of sleep in our own bed together!

Sleep training our son changed our lives and now I want to help transform other parent's and children's lives!

I help parent's improve their baby and toddler's sleep holistically, responsively and comfortably!

Throughout this journey of being a sleep deprived SAHM to hiring a sleep consultant and sleep training my baby to becoming a sleep consultant and starting my own business, I have learned A LOT!

I have dug deep into baby and toddler sleep and found that there are many potential reasons why a baby or toddler may not be sleeping well. So, when you buy my course you will get ALL the research and tips on how to identify any potential root causes as to why your baby or toddler's may be struggling with sleep. When you work with me 1 on 1, I will have you will out a questionnaire so I can help you identify if there are any potential root causes for your baby or toddler's sleep struggles.

I also focus on providing parent's with step by step instructions on how to implement a sleep training method they are comfortable with and that fits their child's temperament. There are a wide variety of sleep training methods to choose from, including parent present, hands-on and responsive methods!

What is Different About My Services

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

Core Values

Jenasa Prudhomme, pediatric sleep consultant & owner of Wellness Miraclezzz, educates sleep deprived mama’s worldwide on how to improve their baby and toddler’s sleep holistically, responsively and comfortably with research based strategies.

Jenasa Prudhomme aspires to be the #1 trusted holistic, responsive and research based baby and toddler sleep solution for mama’s around the world.

Jenasa Prudhomme’s core values are focused on meeting parent’s where they are at with their beliefs and parenting style, providing honest and research based information that allows parent’s to feel confident and comfortable with the sleep strategies they are implementing, and focusing on baby’s, toddler’s, and parent’s health holistically.

Here's How I Can Help

2 Week Sleep Support Package:

 Includes a detailed sleep plan based off of what you share with me about your child's sleep on a very thorough questionnaire I send you, 30 minute consultation call discussing sleep plan, coaching and encouragement through text, a wrap-up call where you can ask me anything, and an email sharing tips for sleep changes that will happen as your child develops!

"A Research-Based, Holistic and Responsive Approach to Improving Baby & Toddler Sleep" Written Course:

This written course is FULL of research that can help you find any potential root causes to your baby's sleep struggles.

It also includes research on alternative services to help improve your baby's sleep.
You also get step by step instructions on how to implement responsive sleep training methods.


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Newborn Sleep Guide:

This is the information I wish I had when my son's were newborns! I think every parent should know this information so I am providing it here for you, for FREE!